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COVID-19 Update

We are continuing to carry out high pressure cleaning and chemical treatments of your tennis courts but
regret that we cannot source materials for binder application, court recolouring etc.

Please email info@crosscourts.co.uk with any enquiries and be assured that our operatives can work without meeting you so long as we know where the water supply is.

Tennis court Fixtures and Fittings

World Class Tennis Nets made in England

Key facts 1

We can supply and install everything.

Key facts 2

Most fixtures in stock, fast turn around nets and net posts, to stainless steel bolts.

Tennis Court Fixtures and Fittings

We can supply and install everything you need to keep your game growing strong and your court looking fresh.

We keep most fixtures in stock, so are able to have a fast turn around on requested items. From nets and net posts to stainless steel bolts for the fencing winders and centre band adjusters.

General Requirements of Tennis courts are:

Net posts
Matchplay net
Championship net (3.5mm)
Net centre band
Brass adjuster & hook unit
Wooden net height gauge
Aluminium net height gauge
Wooden umpire’s chair
Rebound trainer
60 ball pick-up basket
Practice balls per dozen(minimum 5 dozen)
Court ‘Tidy-bin’ (fits onto the net post)

Common Questions on tennis court fixtures and fittings

Do you supply and install new tennis nets?

Yes, we do supply and install new tennis nets.

What should I consider when buying a new tennis net?

We would recommend always buying a net with quad stitching (4 rows) on the headband as the stitching is the weakest part of the net. There is then the option of a vinyl or polyester headband.  The vinyl headband is easier to clean but some customers prefer the more traditional look of the polyester.

Do you supply and install new tennis net posts and sockets?

Yes, we do supply and install new tennis net posts and sockets.

Can I just replace the net posts and not the tennis net post sockets?

We sometimes find that rust has fused the net posts to their sockets and so the sockets need to be broken out and new ones cemented in.  If the posts can easily be removed from their sockets then it is possible to just replace the posts.  If the posts are still in working order but are just looking a bit tired then we would sand them down and paint them with metalised paint if a cost-saving option was preferred.