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Moss, Algae and Weed Control

Retain Fresh Look and Prolongs life of the court
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Key fact 1

Ph Neutral and contains no bleach.

Key fact 2

Doesn't affect the look of your court.

Key fact 3

Our operatives are qualified to handle otherwise dangerous chemicals to kill weeds.

Key fact 4

Annual maintenance programmes are available.

Tennis Court moss, algae and weed control process description

The chemicals used for moss and algae are a non-caustic, Ph Neutral, and contains no bleach, yet does a fantastic job of protecting your court from immediate regrowth. The chemical treatments dry clear and don’t affect the look of your court.

Our practitioners are qualified to handle otherwise dangerous chemicals for the weeds.

Annual maintenance programmes are available to ensure that treatments are carried out at the optimal times of the year at fixed costs against price increases for the next 3 years.   Please refer to this section for more information.

Moss and algae growth is accelerated when the debris is left on the court from neighbouring trees/hedges/grass. By regularly clearing your court of debris, you can help to prolong the life of the court.

For chemical treatments, we need between 50L and 75L of fresh water from your outside tap, the rest is down to us!

FAQs on tennis court moss, algae and weed control

Please can we schedule in a date for a chemical treatment now?

We can only carry out chemical treatments when the forecast predicts that the temperature is above 6 degrees, the wind below 10mph and there is 6 hours of dry weather after the spray to allow the chemicals to dry.  We can therefore only just add you to our list and watch the weather. Customers on maintenance plans are automatically scheduled first.

What happens if the moss treatment doesn’t work?

The chemicals take time to take effect but if there are still green areas of moss 6 weeks – 3 months after the treatment then we will return at no extra cost to retreat the areas.

What is the best time of year to carry out a chemical treatment?

Some clients prefer the treatment to be carried out in the Spring to rid the court of slippery winter moss growth and others in the Autumn to kill off any moss and spores to hinder its damaging proliferation over the damp winter months.

Spring and Autumn are both growing seasons for moss and algae. In the summer months, Moss lays dormant until the rain rejuvenates it again.

Is it ideal to have two chemical treatments a year?

Yes, particularly if your court doesn’t receive much sunlight due to location of nearby tree’s or buildings.

Will you send an email to remind me to think about my court maintenance?

Yes, we will offer maintenance a couple of times after cleaning a court but will then not pester you.  If you wish to be reminded, then please sign up to one of our maintenance programmes.

Do I need to keep my pets out of the way when you are spraying?

It is advisable to keep your pets out of the way until the chemicals are dry, which only takes about an hour in ideal conditions.

How long must I wait before walking on the court after it has been sprayed?

You may walk on the court once the chemicals have dried, typically 1 hour. Minor repairs will take up to 2 hours to harden and major tarmac repairs typically take 24 hours but will take longer in hot weather.