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Tennis Court Chainlink Perimeter Fencing

Chain-link fencing
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Key facts 1

We can clean, repair, repaint or replace your entire court fencing giving you back a court you can be proud of.

Key facts 2

Don’t panic, we can remove the offending link.

Tennis Court Perimeter Fencing process description

When your court fencing is tired and needs a lease of new life, we can clean, repair, repaint or replace your entire court fencing and metal supports giving you back a court you can be proud of.

It is important to keep your fencing taught in order to keep those rogue tennis balls in and to keep unwanted animals off the court. We offer to go around and tighten all of the winders to ensure it stays looking good.

Line wires over time do occasionally rust through and snap and need replacing.

Lawnmowers and chainlink don’t mix, sometimes you might catch the fencing with the handle of your mower and drag a link through, don’t panic, we can remove the offending link (or a few either side) and replace it with a new one.

Common Questions on tennis court perimeter fencing

My tennis court netting has come away from its posts, is this something that you could fix?

Yes, we would be able to replace any damaged line wire and secure the fencing to the posts once more.

I would like to replace a section of my chain link fencing with a detachable tennis ball net so we can also use the area for a marquee when required? (not exactly frequently asked question?)

Yes, we can supply and install a tennis ball netting and remove the previous chain link fencing section.

Do you repaint the metal supports for the court chain link fencing? I do not want to replace the chain link.

Yes, we can detach the chain link fencing from all but the top line wire to access the metal supports to prepare them and apply a fresh coat of metallised paint.

Is it possible to change the chainlink from tall too short to make the court a bit more open?

Yes, we can drop the middle sections of the long sides to short, on one side or two! The ends are best left at full height to stop those rogue tennis balls from going too far.