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Tennis Court Recolouring

Fresh New Look and Prolongs the Life of the Court
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Fresh New Look

Court looking fresher for longer.

Adds Life

Prolongs the life of the court surface.

3 Better than 2

3 coats of paint are then sprayed on top.

Repair before paint

We do all repairs to the surface first.
tennis court recolouring

Tennis Court Recolouring Process Description

When painting courts, we apply 3 coats of paint after the binder goes down.

Painting gives your court a fresh look and also helps prolong the life of the court surface. The binder goes down first to hold the court together and gives the paint a sturdier platform to grip onto.

We do all repairs to the surface prior to the painting.


FAQS on Tennis Court Recolouring

Do I have to have a binder application before recolouring my court?

It is always recommended to have a binder application before recolouring the court.  The binder fills voids in the court and binds the aggregate which strengthens the surface and provides a good underlayer for the coloured paint.  We would not be able to guarantee any court which is coloured without a prior binder application.

What colours are available for recolouring my court?

A representation of the standard court colours is shown in the adjacent chart (two tones of green, two tones of blue and red.  Special colours are also available upon request.

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You have quoted to colour my court in two tones of green, would it cost more to paint it in different colours?

The price of special colours will be requested from the paint manufacturer as it depends on their runs and the demand for that colour.  The cost of other standard colours is the same as two tone green but there may be a wait for other colours due to the manufacturer’s runs.  The two tones of green are always available.

Could I just have my court painted in one colour all over?

Yes, any colour and any colour combination is possible.  We often advise customers with very old courts to consider painting the court dark green all over as it disguises any blemishes better and gives an overall even finish.

Is there any guarantee with the recolouring of my court?

We pride ourselves on our work and customer service and will return to address any immediate concerns.  We will guarantee the recolouring of your court for two years providing that you sign up for the recommended maintenance programme so preventable damage is minimised.

How often does a court need recolouring?

This depends on whether the court is regularly maintained; thus minimising preventable damage and the position/aspect of the court. Courts in the shade, surrounded by trees or under telephone lines where birds like to sit will deteriorate at a faster rate.  Life expectancy, therefore, ranges from 5-7 years.

When is the best time to recolour your court?

We need dry weather with the temperature above 14 degrees for curing which are usually restricted to days between May and mid-September.  However, it is best to plan this with us in advance as there are a number of preparatory steps that will need to be carried out prior to the final finishing phase.

Do I have to wait before I play on the court after it has been recoloured?

You may walk on the court once it has dried but should not play tennis for 4 days to allow time for the paint to cure.

How many coats of paint do you put on the court?

We put 3 layers of paint on the court, even though the data sheet says that 2 should be sufficient.