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Repainting White Lines

We follow Lawn Association’s (LTA) specification
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Key fact 1

All done to LTA specification.

Key fact 2

give you the best full lines possible.
Repainting White Lines

Tennis Court Repainting White Lines process description

Occasionally, the main body of the court might still have a good layer of paint on, and in which case it is possible just to repaint the white lines, all done to LTA specification.

Sometimes, besides the old white lines are crevices, before any painting is done, if required, we can fill all these with grit and paint to give the new white lines decent adhesion to the court and to give you the best full lines possible.

FAQs on tennis court repainting white lines

What are the dimensions of the white lines that you paint?

We paint the white lines to the Lawn Association’s (LTA) specification. We can also paint an extra-wide baseline if desired.

The white lines on my tennis court are faded and damaged. Is it possible to just have the white lines fixed without recolouring the whole court?

Yes, we can clean, repair and rebuild any damaged sections and then repaint just the white lines to the LTA’s specification.